A New Discovery: Cashmere Cat

Finally, I post a blog about Cashmere Cat! And I must correct myself as I misspoke earlier!

Cashmere Cat is not a band; it is the pseudonym of Norwegian musician, producer, and turntablist, Magnus August Høiberg.

Anyway, thanks to Rebecca Jurgens, owner of Rebecca Jurgens Videography, I discovered Cashmere Cat. I clicked on a link to his Mirror Maru YouTube video. I haven’t listened to the whole track, though. (In fact, I’m doing that right now and will critique it later in this post.)

I thought “Cashmere Cat” was an interesting name for an artist (not a band) and so I decided to research more on the artist. By “research,” I mean “listen to the artist’s music,” which is exactly how I came to be enamored with Kiss Kiss.

Visiting my previous host’s site, I discovered Kiss Kiss. I would’ve just passed over it had it not said that Cashmere Cat was the artist. Intrigued, I clicked the play button and lended my ears to the track. Boy, I’m glad I did! Of course, you know what happened! I fell instantly in love with the song and now play it regularly whenever I want to dance.

Kiss Kiss is weirdly interesting! It intrigues me how Magnus decided to construct the song. I don’t have much to say about, since I’m not an expert on EDM, so just listen to it for yourself and you’ll understand why it’s “weirdly interesting.” Mirror Maru, on the other hand, is the opposite. Having mixed roots in classical and contemporary music, Mirror Maru is a conspicuous contrast to Kiss KissI’m still trying to discern which I like better of the two, though both are quite well-composed. (I’m pretty sure I just made up that word just hoping that it would make sense. Hm? Okay.)

I encourage anyone to visit Cashmere Cat’s SoundCloud and listen to the Mirror Maru EP, where he will find Mirror Maru and Kiss Kiss among the four tracks on the EP. If one is looking to expand his music library, he should try listening to this artist. I’d say he is definitely different than most EDM artists out there. Once again, I’m no expert on EDM, so do your own research!

In conclusion, I’ll definitely keep tabs on Cashmere Cat to see what new beat he drops! So far, I’ve liked his work; thus, have I no qualms about what’s to come in the future. Hats off to Magnus for giving America a taste of what Norway has to offer! Ser deg senere! (Apparently, this Norwegian phrase means See you later! in English. Google Translate better be right.)

[EDIT on June 29:] I just discovered that the version of Kiss Kiss I found on my host’s site was not the original but a remix done by Lido. 


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