Say Hey to Quey!

Quey Percussion Duo, consisting of Tim Broscious and Gene Koshinski, visited the University of Alabama at Birmingham yesterday and presented a masterclass and informal recital to the UAB Percussion Studio. Let me promptly admit that I didn’t know that this duo even existed or that they had international acclaim. I will definitely say that this … Continue reading Say Hey to Quey!

Spotlight on “undiscovered” or “upcoming” talent

I spend loads upon loads of time scouring for new composers/artists/musicians about whom I’ve never heard. After these said scour(s), I’ve found quite a lot of “under-the-radar” talent out there. First, let’s introduce Ivan Trevino. I became a huge fan after hearing Into the Air and Memento. I decided to check Trevino’s site out and found tons of … Continue reading Spotlight on “undiscovered” or “upcoming” talent