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HUGE updates!: Month 4

I must say that I’m proud that I’ve made more progress into learning more of/becoming more comfortable with Rhythm Song! All the practice sessions are really paying off! I didn’t quite completely kick it into high gear as I stated in an earlier post, but I’m doing pretty well where I am now.

Another interesting newsflash is that I’ve started back my composition projects and as of now I’m working on a string quartet. It seems to be coming along quite nicely. I hope I get to work on it often despite my schedule this semester (which actually isn’t too busy).

Sometime in the future I hope to post audio excerpts of my pieces here or on Soundcloud just in case anyone is interested in listening to what I’ve created so far. Considering that I plan to make composition my career, I’d like to give my potential clients a chance to hear some of what I’ve already composed. I really do try to stay active with composing music, though sometimes performing/practicing music takes precedence.

Now that school is back in session and my summer vacation is over, slight changes have already commenced. The future does look pretty bright, though.


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