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Now, the adrenaline is pumping!

I guess the more correct term would be excitement! Excitement about what you ask? Composing music!

If you browse around on here, you should find my composition projects for next year. Well, I’m happy to announce that I recently completed one last night!

Grilled cheese with no ham! for solo marimba is now complete. One friend inspired the piece’s name and there is no correlation between the title and the notes of the piece. Anyway, the piece starts with a sixteenth anacrusis right into a very syncopated groove. This short intro transitions, with a small crescendo, right into the “main theme” of the piece, rife with hemiolas. To keep it simple, the left hand plays an ostinato and the right hand has the moving notes. As the piece comes to the middle section, by way of ritardando, it leaves the heavily syncopated and hemiolic(?) groove and transitions into a smooth, “lyrical” section. At the peak of this lyrical section comes another transition – in three asymmetric meters – back to the main theme of the piece. Its form is A-B-C-A. What makes this piece slightly challenging would be the hemiolic passages, intervalic changes, and hand crosses.

How’s that for program notes?!

One striking characteristic of this piece is that it starts in F#m, but the final chord is F#M. (I’m sure a Roman Numeral Analysis would tell me how exactly that works and if the key is modulated to a secondary dominant.)

Soon, I hope to have sound files of all my completed projects up on Soundcloud (which seems to be the best option).

I used a lot of musical terminology that might not be understood, so click this link to be directed to a glossary.

Other projects on which I’m currently working include the following:

  • MOONLIGHT - undergoing revisions
  • Untitled - string quartet

Repertoire on which I’m currently working include the following:

  • Rhythm Song, solo marimba
  • Not far from here, percussion ensemble
  • Promise Music, percussion ensemble
  • Winter Nocturnes: Mvt. III, percussion ensemble
  • Chimes of Liberty, concert band
  • An Irish Rhapsody, concert band
  • Sovereign Variants, concert band
  • Cajun Folk Songs, concert band

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